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New EP "Moscow" Out Now!

Moscow is an expansion pack for our previous album Berlin. The themes and atmosphere from that record are further explored with this EP. The record isn't soviet praise or nostalgia, quite the opposite. The record takes several critical points from soviet history and turned them into a song.

Stalingrad is about the infamous battle at Stalingrad from the Second World War, Pripyat is an eight minute epic about the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear plant in 1986 and Berlin III is about the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 which sounded in the end of the Cold War between East and West.

Musical inspiration is again drawn from the eighties. But soundtracks like the one from the Terminator and Jim Steinman's work for Meat Loaf also had a major influence on the record.

Album "Berlin" Out Now!

Berlin is an album inspired by the city of Berlin and the music coming from it. Singer Erik den Tuinder says: "with Berlin I tried to take the snare drum from Springsteen's "Born in the USA" record, Depeche Mode's synthesizers and the darkness from U2's Achtung Baby to make it sound like it's from the 80's and perhaps a bit alternative."

"The main focus of our music has mostly been American music; people like Springsteen, Dylan, Fogerty, etc. But with this record I wanted to sound more European. More like U2, Depeche Mode, Placebo. Sometimes they sound like something is about to break, like trash, but in a good way. That's what I wanted to achieve with this music."

"Some of my "standard" topics are still there on the record. Drive and Light On are both about failing relationships. Berlin is about a failing espionage deal in former Cold War East Berlin and White Lies is about a drug addict calling his mom through the intercom asking her for one more shot. So I think the lyrics have gotten a bit darker. Berlin II, for instance, tells the story of one of many women in Berlin who got sexually abused by the Russians during the end of the Second World War."

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