White Lies



White Lies


Outside it's getting colder

The air is getting thin

I feel my body shaking

Won't you please let me come in


To long I've been without it

Can you fix me up with some

I need more than ever

To make my demons run


Just look in my eyes

And see the pain inside

Or must I try

A little white lie


I've been crawling up these allies

Just to find something to use

So I can get it back together

And release me from this noose


It's tearing me up inside

I wouldn't be here if I thought

I could face it on my own now

Won't you help me get a shot


And my blood it burns

And my head it hurts

'Cause I now the truth

But I can't break loose


Lyrics by Erik den Tuinder

Webdesign by Erik den Tuinder Copyright 2014

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