The Game



The Game


I drink my scotch and take a line

To ease the hurt you left behind

As night it comes I shed this skin

And peel it off for I have sinned


I bleed it out and you throw it away

Out on the street in relentless rain

Growing numb from the pain

Because a you


To you love is just a game

You play it rough than ease the pain

To you love is just a game


When morning comes the stakes don’t change

I’m still messed up can’t rearrange

As you walked out and left for him

Something had died my fate turned grim


The doorbell rings and I rush down the stairs

I open up can’t see no one there

And I’m left with a scare

Because a you


I cut myself just to feel alive

But not to much so I won’t die

Blood on the floor I faint away

As I pass out I feel dismayed


My vision blurs and you’re standing there

You look at me with that icy stare

I slip away as we drift apart

You scream at me you never loved me


Lyrics by Erik den Tuinder

Webdesign by Erik den Tuinder Copyright 2014

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