The Band

The Faction

The Band

The Faction started out in 2010 as a four piece rock band. Singer-songwriter Erik den Tuinder gathered three musicians to electrify his mostly acoustic songs. Over the course op the past 6 years the Faction released one EP, called First Statement and a full album called Berlin. They've played on local radio (Omroep Brabant & Weert FM) and on national radio (3FM) several times. They've toured extensively throughout the country and especially the southern part, mostly on festivals and local music clubs and bars.

The live shows are a combination of  dark and introspective songs influenced by people like Bruce Springsteen and Bod Dylan and raunchy (synth) rock songs influenced by bands like U2 and Depeche Mode.

The band is:

Drums: Stefan Maas

Bass: Sanne Verbogt

Piano, Hammond & Synths: Jasper van Overveld

Guitar, Harmonica & Vocals: Erik den Tuinder

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Upcoming Show:

24 March 2019

OKA Centrum